A highlight from Hybrid moments


I hybrid meeting ape role death. Twenty twenty one is at the final countdown. Final countdown day. It's fine oh four. Three two one four three two one. Yeah we miss that one day real tragic did but yeah. We're watching history here. We got cosmopolitan with giant piece of pyrex on her face council members now doing remote stuff. It's really blowing my mind. What are we talking about today. On the podcast. It's kind of abbreviated it's disheveled. It's all over the place the scattershot it's buckshot of a of a show. We're going to ask shots a lot. More accurate than we've been fucking target load. What are we today. what do you want we. We've been drinking basil hanes with drinking green dot irish whiskey ordering spot single pot. Still irish whiskey finished in bordeaux wine casks it's satisfying satisfying irish. Whiskey is triple distilled. Yeah if you like This is i feel like it's a step up from my breast. It's really good. Yeah it's good. And i've i've compared it to basil hayden and so far today to your palate is refined at this point. It's numbed just. I'm drinking water. No i don't think either of us are real sure what we talked about today but we meandered through three. Maybe three well three and a half really because we're this is one of the meetings right here right because we had one of those mysterious mondays. There wasn't a meeting in the intervening time since the last year last recording. I hope we get an explanation of that sometime during the show. I'm feeling like we probably will we. We started out with the good old March fifteenth further back. Went to eight thousand eight probably

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