Interview With Kimberly Bryant, CEO of Black Girls Code


Again. Today is kimberly bryant. Kimberly is founder and ceo. Black girls code a nonprofit organization dedicated to introduce girls of color to the field of technology. She's also an electrical engineer. Kimberly has received numerous awards for our work and technology inclusion. She's been business insider's list of the twenty five most influential african americans in technology and she was named one of fast company's most creative people in two thousand thirteen. She was recognized as a white house. Champion of change for tech inclusion and in two thousand fourteen received an american ingenuity award in social progress from the smithsonian institute. Welcome to the show. Kimberly thank you for having me can pay a. I want to apologize ahead of time. I have a new puppy on. Nate mieko seized busy in the morning. So little noise in the background i followed. That is awesome. No problem at all. Is this a covert puppy. It is it is. He's a quarantine puppy that is That is excellent. Well it's like. I think one of the one of the awesome things people are doing to get pandemic so no no worries at all so. I'm just really excited to learn more about your journey. So can can we start with you telling us a little bit about how you got interested in science and technology in the first place. Of course so. I grew up in in memphis tennessee. Back in out. I will raise sixty seventies. Wanna give away my two bunch of my age but in the late sixties and seventies and one of the things that i was lucky. I guess i would classify it as being lucky to be able to experience. Was this accelerated pathway in math and sciences Author middle school into high school so during that period of time when your high school student a year trying to figure out what you wanna do with the rest of your life one of those conversations with my guidance counselors resulted in her really kind of encouraging me to explore in the generic pathway.

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