Manchester City Stage Superb Fightback to Stun Paris-Saint Germain



Dan thomas joining the cd. Today by craig burley we also welcome to the program. You can frank and native newer. Of course only one place to start today show and that's in paris. We saw that champions league semi final between manchester city. Another brilliant game. She completely dominating the first half one deservedly. Thanks to a great header from martinez manchester city completely different side though in these second up kevin lebron's and riyadh marez giving them a two one league going into the second lack in manchester next week. Craig let's start with you and just talk about the then. If half time. I told you the city. We're going to win this game. Two one it would be a big stretch pants completely. Dominant well at halftime. If you said to me we're going to play in the monitoring wasted the second half of would have been surprised. That's how big a turnaround was and credit to them for that dot was they set the and the second that we know can perform but the so much talk about for all the guys just quick summary here yeah they look to let tentative mindset in the first half wary but that was known to what. Psg dead psg. The depressed setting normally have that flustered. seti pushed back to the walls the edge of the box when psg varada was coming in off that left side when they didn't eavesdropping by making a four foot. Making it difficult and set. You looked flustered but then swung sixty. He followed up the field and he's economic mindset people nado silver pushed up the brain appreciate they got the press on and they passed so much better from a possession of twentieth thirty yards higher up the field so the starting position in the second half was so much better. An passing in the second half was so much crisper excellent.

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