A highlight from 1542: How Bodybuilders Ruined Weight Lifting for Everyone

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Is so full of incorrect information. Stigmas stereotypes. I can't think of one that's more damaging than the inaccurate stereotypes stigma that surrounds Lifting weights yeah. It's got to be one of the most damaging it's funny. Would you guys think of muscle beach party. When i put that up man movie zephyr injure the. That's that's those are. That was a popular screen of like or class or category of movies in the late fifties and then especially in the sixties where it was like frankie and annette i think was the name the the two that were always in them. And it's like muscle beach party or beach blanket bingo or a bunch of all these different movies. And they were always set in california. there was always surfers. Yeah and there were always bodybuilders on the beach and they were popular movies. Populate drive in movies for dates but the bodybuilders were always depicted in a particular way and it was really one of the first like mainstream media ways that body bills were put out there and it created this very hard almost impossible to erase stigma that surrounds. It's still waitress today. You like a lot of people still associated lot of lifting weights with That type of person. You know the guy that's just like so incredibly into himself and just like looking at his muscles all time in super staff and everything. I had no idea these this like john rav movie like existed. I didn't know this was a thing and it does explain a lot you know. Have you talked to someone like Tom bill you who like loves to talk about You know movies in the role. They play on culture young culture. And if you read books like hitmaker's it's a great book that gets into all that like movies play a huge role in our culture. And if that was what was going on in the fifties setting the table for what probably came in the late sixties and seventies. It makes a lotta sense that. That's what the stigma was around bodybuilder. Yeah these these are the. I believe it or not. These are the movies that internet made. Arnold wanna come to a californian particular. He would watch these movies in australia. Or europe right so he's just kind of poor kid. He's a bodybuilder out. There and you would dream of coming to california because he would see these movies and see people like dave draper. Who was a bodybuilder. Would be in some of these movies. It's funny to the names that they would give these guys in the movies like holk salt flex martian flex mr galaxy you know and and they were totally stereotyped in these particular movies. But yeah. that's what motivated arnold To originally come over as he saw. and i want to be in movies Like these guys are. Yeah but it did it. Really you know if we go back to the origins of Weight lifting The whole time. It's kind of been pushing this stigma. If you well you'd think so. I i kind of feel like like old. Timey lifting was more like circus functional. Strength kind of more like strength feats and this is where. I would think that it started to make this transition into more of aesthetics in the way you look it is but what i mean by. That is the if you go back to the i mean. We don't have to go all the way back right because he i know. The greeks used forms of dumbbells and resistance training stuff. You look at like strongmen. Strong women they were. You're right circus. Acts they were they would typically wear something that singlet right no no either singly. Or they were like this one. Straddling strap furry singlet. Looked like a caveman. Yeah and they were never lean. They were just big obese. Really strong people and in the women would do it as well but they will give him like these masculine maims. And that's kind of how it started when gymnasiums i started they were literally literally gymnasiums and you did it in with his help. Work by the way you go in and they would start the workout and everybody would do the same thing. So it'd be and then you'd have somebody counting one two three and people doing stuff on the rings or whatever women weren't allowed typically. It was just men that we're doing this. That's kind of how it started again. You had the strongman and then you're right. The big popular media initially were these muscle beach movies and the bodybuilders were always depicted as dumb interested in their only in their bodies They were stiff oils or self absorbed and they were kind of made fun of or poked at In these movie. I mean even reference of like like he owned them. Yeah oh the.

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