Tampa Bay’s Veteran Announcer Richard Grunder Retires After 37 Years


Nice enough now to be joined by richard after he raps a wednesday action down an oldsmar. Florida richard. Thanks for some time. It's anthony and bobby here on race day match for having me Thirty seven years. You know we were everybody. Thurber racing fans so accustomed to hearing these voices for all of these years. John curran over at delaware park. Keith jones parks. You actually had a longer run than both thirty seven years or an equal run and then you announce this year Talk about your decision before. We look back on a remarkable career. Yes i'll tell you what i just Really appreciate it and you know what had a you know. I just thought about it. And then Had a little bit of a health issue come up enough not doom and gloom by no means but I'll be sixty nine in august My wife We have a place here in oldsmar. And and she's She retired from target corporation after twenty. Seven years and my son Teachers and coaches up in kansas and I just decided you know what it's It's time and Just decided to go ahead and call it a caller call it quits and like. I said i'll be sixty nine in august so it's about time

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