Why Money Will Solve Your Problems


Money doesn't solve all your problems. I am calling b s seriously. I wanna start today's episode by just getting real when it comes to money now. I'm not a financial expert on accountant. But i can't share with you for my own experience in life in business. The effect money can have on every aspect of your life first of all. Let's talk about money for a moment when you have money problems when you can't pay your rent when you can't ensure your next meal is paid for when you don't have personal security. It's very hard for you to solve or focus on any other problem. Okay if you need to make sure your family's take care of you have shelter. You have food your car. Payments are paid if this is your top concern. If money's an issue to the point where you don't have that solved then every other problem is irrelevant okay. You can't solve for your physical health problems or your mental health problems or for your relationships or your spiritual health or whatever it is. This is just not a priority anymore. You're in survival mode okay. So all those problems take a backseat. So after about what i'm saying is the lack of money. The lack of having that financial stability doesn't even allow you to even begin to think about solving other non financial problems. You just don't have the ban with just. Don't prioritize it. Now let's say you have that financial stability. You have that ability to know that. Hey i know that my rent or my mortgage is going to get paid. My car is going to be paid money in the bank and a lot of food on the table and my basic needs are covered now. I'm not saying that automatically because all your financial problems are solved that your personal and relationship issues are solved and your mental health and all that kind of stuff is salt. But if you don't have money than solving those problems are nearly impossible. This is just the facts okay. You can't go see a counselor for your mental health or for your relationships if you don't have money to spend on that if you can't afford

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