Miniature Golf (MM #3678)

The Mason Minute


The with kevin mason just the other day in nashville. They announced that a company called. Putt shack is coming to town with a high tech. Indoor miniature golf experience it'll be quite the hot spot. I'm sure but. Of course what. I'm thinking about high tech indoor miniature golf. I get to thinking about old school. Low tech miniature golf when i was growing up about but courses were all the rage they were pretty simple all part to nothing fancy but nothing overly exciting then of course there are the miniature golf course you went to usually when you went to the beach which had the big wild animal statues the elephants and the crocodiles and had the wild holes and we could always think that hole in one in and get something special there different kinds of miniature golf courses but they fallen out of favor over the years. I remember in my younger days going back to the nineteen eighties. When video games started out will they opened up little gaming. Arcades at the putt. Putt golf courses. Putt putt golf and games. Nobody cares anymore about the pud cared about the games. Maybe miniature golf is making a comeback. But it's been years since i played.

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