Microsoft to Expand Testing of Its Xbox Cloud Gaming Service

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We're talking about video games in the cloud. No you're not going to be on an airplane flying. you play video games. This is a totally different thing or maybe some day but right now we're talking about cloud base games while you're on earth that's right. It's it's still a big developing story and one of the big players. There is microsoft which has been building out and testing a cloud based video. Game service Over the last couple years and it's going to be expanding that and i didn't realize they had actually done this actually calling it xbox cloud gaming service and been previously. We've been referring to this project x cloud anyway so microsoft announced. Its the services is going to be able to be tested on more devices. Currently it's being tested on. You can play it on xbox consoles p. season android devices but it's going to begin a limited beta test by inviting some game pass ultimate members to play on chrome and edge browsers on windows t in windows ten. Pc's and on the safari browser on apple iphones and ipads. So you're getting more devices and obviously you're getting outside of the windows microsoft round when you get into apple here For those familiar with this the xbox game pass ultimate. It's the subscription service that microsoft. Has it cost fourteen ninety nine a month and it gets you access to more than one hundred games. Click games like halo. grand theft. auto five fallout four. It also includes xbox gold which is the online multiplayer access. Which if you're a longtime xbox user you have that anyway to play games with other people online that's nine ninety nine itself so this is just five dollars more and you get the access to ultimate and there's also various games from electronic arts as part of its e a play library

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