Can We Learn to Talk to Sperm Whales?

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You're about to hear the sounds of the largest tooth predator on the planet and animal bigger than a school bus with perhaps the most sophisticated form of communication. It has ever existed. These are the sounds of the mighty sperm whale. A fellow memo that can die of almost a mile hold its breath for more than an hour and lives in these amazingly complex major societies these clicks. You heard homepod us are just the facet of what we know of their communication. We know these animals are communicating. We just don't yet know what they're saying. Project said he aims to find out over the next five years our team of specialists for bodices linguists and marine biologists aim to use the most cutting edge technologies to make contact with another species and hopefully communicate back. We believe that by listening deeply to nature. We can change our perspective of ourselves and reshape our relationship with on life on this planet. This of course seems like an impossible goal. People been trying to make contact with other animals for hundreds of years. How could we do what others could not especially given that. I'm sitting here on my couch. In new york city in the middle of the pandemic and protests. I spent the last twenty years as marine biologist and oceanographer setting bution from all different perspectives from microbes to sharks. I've assembled interdisciplinary teams. That have built the first shark. I camera to see the world from a sharks perspective and of collaborated with engineers to design robots so gentle. They don't even stress a

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