Project Sealab 1 Report Part 2

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Today wanna conclude my two part series on the project sea lab one summer report from june of nineteen sixty five to recap impart one. I chuck through the background. Information contained in the report c. Labs sea trials and the ultimate successful placement at one hundred ninety three feet off of argo island near bermuda. You might recall that. The four aqua dots anderson barth manning in thompson had just entered a habitat on july twentieth. Nineteen sixty four for their eleven day mission first off. They needed to make repairs on all the systems that were not operable. The initial report says that the subjects sounds like a clinical experiment which i guess it was slowed their pace in that fatigue coupled with shoulder joint discomfort was noted their appetites were good and digestion and elimination where normal also the report stated that their sensory perception remained unchanged and the joint discomfort eased with time. Now there are quite a few photographs in the report of the men in and around. See lab during the mission. Unfortunately the photos are not really that. Good copy i have well. What worked did they do. According to the report the subjects performed work tasks outside of c. lab investigating marine life cleaning debris on the ocean floor surrounding c. lab taking pictures of their operations in photos of the small one man. Submersible called star one which was sent into the area for evaluation. Also described are two significant incidents that occurred during the mission one of which was a serious nature. The other was related to nitrogen narcos and that hit to team members the nitrogen narcos incident actually happened when two of the aqua noughts entered the transformer room of the lab without dr mark six gear. It says that they immediately experienced coaches had to leave and then helium was pumped in to prevent further issues with nitrogen marcos's. The more serious incident happened when manning apparently struck his gas control yoke against a habit and it accidentally closed it as he was depleting gas supply. He knew that something was wrong and made a hasty return to see and lost consciousness as he entered. Fortunately anderson heard manning's tanks see lab and found him lifted him above the water applied resuscitation and with the assistance of barth and thompson. He was saved. He remained active with the crew for the remainder of the mission. The only issue was a severe hemorrhage to the whites of his eyes on wednesday july. Twenty ninth nineteen sixty four. The mission was terminated due to unfavourable weather predictions and at twenty three fifty six. That's eleven fifty six. Pm c. lab was lifted off the bottom and the arduous task of recovering. The men and a habitat began on august. Fourth deok were taken out of decompression c. Lab equipment was packed and stowed for shipment and on april fourth nineteen sixty four at eleven thirty. A m readme. Jk laden chief of naval research congratulated sess and officially terminated c. lab one. Some interesting things were noted for example in the first paragraph of the summary. Report it states. The men during the occupancy lab accentuated their personal idiosyncrasy during one period excessive use of foul language developed as well as an independent attitude with respect to the surface support guests. They didn't appreciate papa topside trying to control them now. I want to quickly cover some of the findings. No surprise was that handling of the habitat was difficult. Especially when there were waves they also found that nitrogen percentage decreased over time as it was being absorbed by the sea water and could use compressed air to make up the o. Two since nitrogen absorbed four times faster than oh two and the helium didn't dissipate. Another finding was that the hookah system failed to perform satisfactorily. Apparently the pumps were noisy. Overloaded easily report also outlines some findings on the men one interesting note was regarding the selection process. It said that there might have been too many potential leaders leading to an unwarranted degree of independence below. The conclusions stated that human subjects could live and work under pressure and one hundred ninety three feet and while all major systems work many were primitive. The report suggested that the divers could spend six hours outside each day also provision for adequate body heating while swimming around was a major problem even though the water temperature was sixty nine degrees fahrenheit the project. Sea lab summer report concludes with a series of recommendations and those recommendations include a better handling system a higher degree of independence from surface support assigning one man full-time to housekeeping they dry vehicle for transporting and a final recommendation that a c. lab task group of twenty five to thirty five people involved in future. Rnd in the man in the programs be put in place so that concludes part two of the c. lab one office of navel research report from nineteen sixty five. We know now that c. lab to went to a successful mission before the tragic events of c. Lab three but in one thousand nine hundred sixty four at the height of the space race. We were also exploring interspace

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