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Hey everyone welcome to the new media. Show my name. Is todd cochran and of chris. I'm joined by my co host. Mr rob greenlee rob how you doing. I'm doing terrific todd. It's great to be back here doing the show on saturday and Also being Live on clubhouse as well. It's great to have everybody jumped into the room today. it's always great to have everybody In in the room were doing this as part of pod. And i i want to thank you and say some appreciation out to steve ulcer. Who started that club and has built such a a large and vibrant community And indefinitely go go check out the podcast magazine In subscribe to it on his Website and and It's let's get the shogo talk so just so everybody knows. i know. we've had some feedback on the show and I did find one setting in the trike caster where there was a auto gain setting happening in the tri caster. So audio on the livestream should be much much better today. love to hear your feedback if you hear any of it. Sounds like maybe over modulation or anything like that. So we've done our best on our side to get things dowd in. And then of course. We're at our guest mercy when they come on and clubhouse depending on what type of audio interface they have but anyway rob a we've We've had a busy week. I've had a busy week. Yes it has been a busy week with some big announcements. I know we've been teasing about this announcement for. I don't know a couple of months now on the show and everybody's like oh finally we're able to talk about samsung joining the the podcasting industry and You know putting out an app for their galaxy devices so it's an exciting exciting week to have those guys join the party. Just purely from the perspective of getting android more involved. Yeah and and i was surprised that in the announcement ourselves announcement a couple of weeks ago as we signed off on the on the pr campaign. Was that just you ll lipson blueberry the only two podcasts host that were launched partners with them. So i you know. I i think what we're already going to see and what i've already saw is a number of podcast. All here's another thing too is the the launch is how do i want to describe it paste. I guess that's the best word to say. It's a pace to launch. It's not like you know. Fifty thousand people can go over there and apply to be part of the samsung platform. And we're doing just as you guys are doing. Rob we're having people you know we had initial hundred or so shows that we sent over and then They are now using basically tell us when we can roll out to more to more podcasts. I think you guys are working under the same constraint. Yeah i mean they wanna walk before they run here with the infrastructure that they've built which is all all new but they they want to bring in podcasts In a little slow at the beginning. I this is the same pattern that we saw with the other launches One good example is this is kind of how to some degree even spotify launched slower than this so if you for those that have been around the medium long time. This is not an unusual launch. We saw a little bit of this happened with pandora too so that there was just a a ramp up on the technology side as what happened in their comfortable processes on there and making sure that things get Get handled properly without making mistakes. I mean a large company like samsung Has processes that. They have to go through to make sure that everybody's happy so you know. I did play around a little bit with the with the functionality and we should mention that even though that this is a united states base launch for samsung it is unlimited number of phones and tablets is typically the s twenty series and above the availability is and. It's it's actually samsung It's on the sense. I'm free app and it's real simple to find it if you've got one of these types of phones and you've got samsung some free app installed for most folks. It's going to be the swipe to the right with the with your phone. Basically bring samsung free First and foremost if you're not using victory and there's a listen button and you'll see all the all the podcasts that are in in the library currently on there and i was actually The the here's the interesting part. Rob the the podcast. So they've got some they're highlighting number one they're highlighting is the welcome to the sarah several podcast number to cnn's five. Thanks for march number three. This american life number four hidden brain in number five sorta unscaled daily which i was kind of surprised to see there but the categories broke down by comedy news society business arts science and medicine sports recreation tack tb health education religion music games and government so really kind of the original almost top level categories for That were similar to apple podcasts. In i here's what it kind of looks like a chris rob I don't know if you'll be able to see that the folks on the courthouse folks can't they can't see it but the app on his Phone and you can subscribe on the samsung free app. So that is something the the name from subscribe to fall. I don't know if they're going to or not. That hasn't been communicated that they're gonna make that change but they did say also that sam. It's it samsung. Podcast is right or call the. So so that listen thing is not necessarily the name. Yeah it it says listen. Is the name of the app or listen is the tab. Excuse me listen. Is the tab under the send some free app and then it says samsung podcast right next to it referred to this. That's the that's the name that she would use. So yeah it's it's actually called free and when it ruined the app loads is called free. It's the samsung free app and Preloaded they did update To that app actually saw the notification. Come in the morning of the launch. But you know. I think what which you know. I had an interview on this yesterday. And i think what we've got. Rob is this is truly now if you think about what has happened here. Apple can be considered an oem original equipment manufacturer so apple re launched number of years ago and put the podcast up as default. load When you bought the phone you didn't have to go get another for while you did. But then they loaded it by default now. Every new samsung phone with the sam's will be preloaded with the samsung free app with every they're truly

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