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And we're back. Hey, Julie, I have some amazing news for you do his March 31st? Yes. Yes. So we lived all of us lived through no. No, no don't stomp on my good news. We're through Thursday. We're through a quarter in a year. I know and no pandemics. Yes, I didn't get a pandemic for my birthday again this year. Yeah. Awesome. I know and you know, I was thinking this morning funny. You mentioned that since we are actually the end of first quarter, which is incredible. You just stepped over their punch lines. Do you do that all the time? She didn't get a pet. She didn't get a pandemic for her birthday cuz last year on her birthday on March 12th was basically when the world was discovering took we're in a pandemic official kickoff. Yeah. So it's quite a celebration directly. I know but I was thinking it's does it seem like this year's going quickly. It does to me. Like, how are we at the end of first quarter already? Yeah, and that's well, that's because twenty-twenty took a decade to get through, you know, of course without that particular mother keeps giving and giving my goodness exactly. What does it does because here's the reason why is cuz there is the Renaissance birth. And it's starting to build momentum and people are feeling more excited more happy. They're feeling more energetic people are feeling more confident. There's all these overlapping emotions as a result of basically being told that you are in quarantine in a world is coming to an end and people are now sort of in their own ways and differing levels of intensity celebrating life and you can tell I mean definitely gym is more full. Of course, it's spring break, but the gym here fitness center is more full of the Kids Campus full of vacationing the hotel guests seem happy. You know, I think General enthusiasm is a great theme user even outside of our little you know, hammered life. The fact is is that everywhere people are feeling like there's a global Renaissance. There's no doubt in my mind that we're basically going to be experiencing that's going to be unprecedented certainly for our combined over a hundred years on this planet. Yeah. I I thought I hit you with that. Yeah. Yeah, but the reality is that is the truth and there is going to be a renaissance of it's not going to be predicated on any one thing. For example, if the economy decides to take a side step if there's this the other thing there's going to be a real job. That's no matter. What because people are so they're going to be so elated that the the pandemic is in the rearview there. There are so many the only thing I can liken it to cuz I'm trying to feel it too personally, but where I really feel as I'm talking to people I feel it talking to our neighbors our friends, but I feel like I'm talking to coaching clients. I feel when I'm other people's podcasts and things like that the nature of the conversation isn't so transactional the name of the conversation as people thinking and looking at the Horizon in their their own lives and and there and just normal people who would normally be only thinking one or two steps ahead when you're talking with them people. I've known forever You Know Carl for example in Atlanta, right so crawl for example, and at this engineer type, he's worked at this French company called orange forever, you know out of you know, it's a I don't even know how they do. And anyway, long story short. He is talking about the adventures and whatnot. He wants to do and he's never someone that talks like that. That's true. He's pretty stoic generally. Yeah. Well you called stoic I'd caught something else but you know, but you know, but yep. We're saying if somebody Carl's a long time friend of ours. Yeah matter of fact when Carl was our first listing yes indeed first listing ever by the way on day one of being licensed. Yeah, So so yeah, I'm forever. Yeah. Yeah, we know forever but the point being that I'm hoping everyone starting to recognize within themselves and with their all their friends and the family is there is a an absolute fevered pitch of something that's happening that I've never experienced for exuberance,

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