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But abba everybody back another week. Rtc to speier bro. I am so pleased with you. I mean always. I am because your good friend in kenya. Podcast co host and and you have the world's greatest laugh put you're wearing the nets on. Yes hoodie again. And that makes me. That makes me so happy. Man we back man. i. I've been on vacation. That was on vacation over the weekend. So you know just getting back and this was like the cleanest thing next to my close so grabbed to come down to put the bottom looks good man. It looks good it we i. I was literally just talking with my boss. John philip kelly flip about how awesome you were on the nets. The nets pre-game is gonna give me more games We gotta get you another game to get you know you should. You should text flip and say because the yankee games and say hey. What are the chances i get on another nets he says you know. I'll mention if frank to negotiate it right here on the air since we're talking about right now by the way we have to say thank you to esquire for naming us one of the best podcast and twenty twenty one not just sports but overall that was first of all. Obviously esquire has excellent taste. That was a very cool honor. It is that is a cool on. It's cool to happy with recognize stuff that we do. I mean it's just a senior have a conversation with our friends. So you know to be able to to have people recognize that and and being such a cool magazine was was really doping It's the first time i've been like recognized or something off the field. You know what. I'm saying. Like i have other talents have displaying baseball. You do have other talents. it's true man. it was really cool and to our audience. Obviously you guys all make it possible so like posted about the other day. We we so appreciate you all and we'll continue this journey and we got. We got a really good little spring training rhythm going right now with With our to see to. We talked with gardner and glacier last week. They're both tremendous. Let me tell you. It also helps my broadcast. Prep when i'm going to do in the spring games on yes tampa were you into no man from home. Yeah based. I'm actually doing from sue bird. Yeah so michael. Coney paul their setups are. From home. i am doing it from stamford. I could have probably repurpose. Espn setup at home. But i i was like you know what i'm comfortable they. They've made the associated harder to do baseball or basketball way. Harder off a monitor. Because they're just things that you don't have to track you know what i mean like so think about like when you're watching a game. How often like you can't tell if a balls like in the gap or is it going to be caught or you know what i mean like you know what's crazy is that i can. Yes but like a regular person can't so like for me so call a game like just me thinking about baseball like watch games. It'd be easier for me to call it off the tv interesting. Because i because i know what pitch it is with the way it's moving you can see the rotate like all that stuff. Like for me it would be way easier to call a game I was watching. Because i have you know i'm employees so i like the games i don't know tv member. I sent you that video of me watching the game on a on my ipad. Yeah that's the only camera angle that i gay but i like gary hit a home run. I was like oh he got up like you say it's kim watch a game in no but play baseball but fucking twenty years. You know what i'm saying. So yeah but it's easier for baseball players. Watch it on tv. That's so interesting man. I by the way. I see how you're saying it's easier for you on tv. This is again going back to so flip. If you wanna set me up in my to do but i will say are technical and operations team. I guess. Now we're as well as espn but in this case we're talking about yes. They've been unbelievable. Like i sat in there to do the game. My did my first spring game on Saturday i'm going to do another one tonight. Another one on saturday and they. I was like blown away with how good the setup was like. 'cause they gave me like where i can see on. I'm look. I have a big monitor with program so like what you would see if you're watching tv. But then. i also have like a little four box. That shows me coney. It shows me the scoreboard. So when random dudes get up in the late innings like at least you know okay. That's who's up an n The all nine. If you will feel right yeah so so. It's small but you could tell like like the other day stanton that you know piss rod into the corner with hixon. I i knew it. Why wasn't yeah. I but i wouldn't have known otherwise if i was just looking at program. I don't know where the runners you know so. Yeah i was able to know like kicks is going to stop at third so yeah it done an amazing job man. It's it's pretty impressive. I have to say that's crazy. Because well i saw that pitch route goes down in tampa. That's cool and then i went back. I was like well. It's fans but then you know it could be fans because it's fucking forward so i thought you were down there. Yeah well. i'm glad the best compliment that we can get right is that it sounds like we're down there. You know so you know not that you're listening in this case but i'm listening I don't think i watched the game over the weekend. 'cause you're away vacation it was great it was it was It was much needed You know me and Vacation alone not little. Caesars baseball In about eighteen months so it was great. It was it was good just to get some sun. Get away and now back ready to go. Yeah man and we saw. Thanks to your trainer. Dave what's going on with those traps now bro. You've you've graduated. Dave is crazy. Very picture and i was like posters that i knew us go like it.

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