Running 'Low-Risk' Races During COVID-19


I'm more excited to be announcing at racist right now Than i am to actually running. I mean i'm excited to be running. But yeah i think i've mentioned on here before that. I started working with millennium running which they're putting on. Great low. Risk events in new hampshire Time trial start for the runners masks required start and finish You're literally never with a group of people. You're pretty much running by yourself. Because a runner off excuse me around goes off every ten seconds You drop your mask as soon as you start running and then as soon as you get to the finish. Someone's there waiting to hand you a new one. It's just really well done. And i wish that everyone could see these events because when i say oh i'm working a race. Obviously people are like racist. Shouldn't be happening like trust me. I am in that club like still nothing should be happening. I've been in that club for a full year now. But i do wish that everyone could see these events and see the way that they're done because i really believe they can be a model for other race companies. That just really need racist happening so that they can stay in business like i feel everyone on the virtual race fatigue. I've done virtual races for the sole purpose of supporting the people putting them on and the the company's putting them on i think that's important in a way to show our support. But i get it that people are fatigued. And so all that you why it's called ramblings right all this to say Millennium runnings doing an amazing job. I wish that everyone could somehow see. I mean maybe. I'll just like do a bunch of stories at the next event because they are leading the charge in a new format of racing. I really think that can. It can be really successful. not huge races. You know it would take if the new york city marathon did this. With fifty thousand runners. It would take like nine days for a runner. It'll start every ten seconds so it's obviously not feasible with the mass participation races but For a couple of hundred people. And i also for a long time downplayed like the value of needing stuff like this and everyone's like oh for my mental health. I need to get out. And i'm like for your physical health. You need to stay home. And now i'm like no it's been a year and i think people need some things and this is a great low risk and i very intentionally say low risk and not safe because who knows what's actually safe but i think they're doing a great job so all that a very excited to be announcing their races at the start and finish lines and just to get to be out. There runners like no one cares that it's on a mass participation start knowing cares that they're running by themselves the whole time or ten seconds in front of and behind the next runner. There's happy to be out there. And that's like what. I think we could all use right

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