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When he was found dead in an unsung hotel room. In tennessee john briggs was both visitor from new york and a local. He grew up in maryville not far from that holiday inn but he also spent years in wisconsin. Where most of our story is happening. That's where he met. Suzanne redhead who you know from the earlier episodes of this podcast as suzanne store doc. John briggs was a doctoral student at the university of wisconsin madison. At the time the town he came from maryvale is home to a small college. Two hundred years old. John was the son of a professor himself. An aspiring academic. I'm sure suzanne saw. John is a step up from her small town carpenter. First husband as a member of the store dock family. Dorothy witness parts of suzanne's third marriage to burn. She never really knew john briggs. He was already gone when suzanne met her uncle. Only much later did she seek out. More about suzanne's second marriage. She didn't learn much but she did interview. Suzanne's maid of honor a friend from the time who attended her

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