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Podcasts. music oriented coming of age story by my friend. Chelsea person in seasons one and two chelsea told her own story of finding an outlet for anxiety in her place in the world via falling in love with music so binge those seasons. Now if you have already and this new season and season three chelsea is passing the mike in introducing us to a dozen incredible artists who will share their stories search for deer young rocker in your podcast app and subscribe so you can hear the new season when it kicks off april seventh in the meantime. Here's a trailer for season. Three deer young rocker being a teenager is intense. Things could get tough back then. Maybe you got kicked out of your house for being yourself or fell in love so hard it hurt. Were bullied viciously for how you look gorgeous. Hated yourself but you might have found a release for your rage your favorite band blasting in your headphones or banging around on your first electric guitar and one night and a sweaty rec center basement could have changed your life forever. If you could go back in time and tell your teenage self anything what would it. Be dear. Young rocker dear young rocker. You're young rocker. Maybe something practical you have just as much talent as those boys in that talent show band you simply need to develop it or empathetic. You'll be more and more yourself with every passing season. When we retailer teenage stories we can reach a hand back in time for that kid we used to be to hold onto. we can become. The person may need needed in those moments when we felt so alone and like no one could ever understand. Join me chelsea arson for season. Three of my podcast dear young rocker tune into hear some of my favourite musicians tell stories from their awkward musical beginnings. I had never met anybody who also enjoyed ska reconnect with the teenager. They used to be so young rocker. Try if you can to not worry so much. I know that a lot to ask. I know right. Now you worry about everything and remember what it was like to fall in love with band for the first time you will never forget the first time you heard. Prince the cranberries led zeppelin the cure new order bikini. Kill brat mobile heavens to betsy and seasons one and two of during locker. I told my story of how i started life as an anxious sensitive kid wanted to be invisible as until i heard my favorite band and started playing the bass after that. Everything kinda changed. Although life still wasn't easy especially as the only girl in my band. I wrote some letters of advice to younger self about what i wish she'd known and my listeners. I learned a lot about ourselves along the way you can hear season one and two young rocker forever. You get your podcast but in season. Three i'm passing the mike to other rockers. Who grew up in different cities and countries with different families. Different musical tastes and different challenges in their lives. I know every time you go to a punk show. You search the room for another black person before you feel safe. I'm letting them tell their own stories of how they became young rockers and give their own younger selves some tough love and support a deer young rocker season. Three comes to you from double elvis and iheartradio and is executive produced by jake brennan of disgrace graceland episode one drops on wednesday april seventh. Be sure to subscribe to dear young rocker for every. Get your

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