VW ID.Buzz Van scheduled for 2023


The volkswagen. Id buzz that is the very cool surf van by call it that but it'll have more than justice. Van use will make its way to the us in two thousand and twenty three. The europe market gets in two thousand twenty two according to the head of the brand's commercial vehicles division and it's the commercial vehicles division. That's interesting because the much anticipated. Electric descendant of the microbus. The famous surf van will have three hundred horsepower. Jewel motus long wheelbase and be a really exciting van says car and driver. The buzzer will not be available as a work vehicle in the us. However but it will be outfitted as an upscale people carrier That could be three battery sizes. The entry level model will have rear wheel drive and three hundred two hundred horsepower. But watch out for the all wheel drive three hundred horsepower version. And that's interesting because that microbus can do many things. It could be a commercial vehicle. It could be a people carrier. Could be like a mini alvie. And it's interesting. The the is not going to be a global vehicle so it'll be different in in different markets and property quite expensive as well because small. I mean let's face it all eve as a little too expensive at the moment. But i think there's going to be a premium for this car. The looks amazing. The interest in it is already off the charts. And i want to say well done. Vw from making this vehicle. It'll be easy for them to have made the concept and the prototype sharda offer. Couple of years ago be easy for them to navigate around to making vw company which is so big. You know we talk about. These mega companies like vw and toyota. They've got such strengthen debt the for them to put some budget and some people on what is not going to be the biggest seller But certainly a bit of a halo car in terms of image. And i just think it's a really small thing to do

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