Cookbook Author Danielle Walker Shares Her Autoimmune Disease Story


Without further ado here we go with daniel walker danielle. Welcome to the podcast. How you doing today. I'm good they switch to me. I'm gonna jump right into your story and going all the way back to age twenty two a couple years after you get a couple of months or after you get married you start having symptoms later on find out. It's all sort of colitis so take us back to that time and let's talk abo- with the first symptoms were. Yeah i started having a little bit of digest about set like right before my wedding. I graduated from college. We moved my husband started or my fiance at the time. Started law school. That i kind of just chalked it up to like distress and wedding jitters and kinda hold works and then yeah so. We were married in august and october. I in the er wasn't diagnosed. Then wasn't actually diagnosed for a couple of months after that after seeing a plethora of different specialist by alternately was diagnosed with all sort of quotas us and it's not exactly a glamorous not no autumn you deserve glamorous but it's probably one of the worst in terms of symptoms. I always say i'm like you guys can go look up. You can go google that the actual isn't as bad. It's all in your call in so you can imagine just kind of inflammation which causes complete and utter disaster in your digestive tract and you mentioned that things kind of started a little bit before the wedding around the time of the wedding before that. Were you relatively healthy. Yeah completely healthy never was hospitalized. I think maybe for a broken arm. When i was like ted from gymnastics otherwise not hospitalized for anything never really was on medication and i mean i think as a kid i had you know the the normal round of antibiotics prescribed for things here and there but otherwise had no problems at all kind of came on overnight.

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