A highlight from Side Effects of Being Underestimated (with Arlan Hamilton)

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Into funky that oliver type or another episode of small doses. We've been having such a dope. Astronauts episodes chevy smith for coming through I'm really happy with the response that we got for side effects of freezing eggs. I'm really honored that many of you all were like saying that was brave for talking about this but you know it's really not that i just be talking too much kind of what. That's all about but You know hoping that you guys Got some information from that. That helps you on your journey. And i got a lot of positive responses precise effects of save yourself as well saving yourself which i got to tell you when we did the episode. I felt like dan like have. I been repeating myself so really build. Good that you guys got some new inspiration and affirmation from that episode as we continue on. I wanna make sure everybody knows about sap society our membership only app for all of our black folks and allies. Get your membership. Join us in community We got dope stuff going on in the app Around groups and around courses and around challenges and i really feel like we have cultivated. This community of folks is kind of like if so house essentially if so house was black and woke so join us as a society dot com and shots. Everybody who sold out our first drop of illustrious league you know. I wasn't really sure about how people were going to take to. This apparel is definitely perilous. but people really enjoy the the items and the packaging and the messaging and that just means the world to me. And i can't wait to continue to bring you all more of this type of stuff so please continue to look out for the next alestra fiercely. Jaap if you miss out we will be dropping. We'll be reopening so. Just keep look out on instagram page and illustrious dot com for one we re up Speaking of businesses. This week's episode affects us me is largely centered around being underestimated in business. And i think a lot of us out here definitely feel like if we wanna start a business or we want to be an entrepreneur that we are coming into it from ten says behind it particularly if we're a woman For of color off reported. Lgbt qa and shit if all the above So our guest. Today arlan hamilton. Her book about damn time speaks to Making those those things about you. That make people underestimate you turning those things into the assets that actually propel you forward. And she has gone from being homeless and sleeping her car to being a venture capitalist and helping other people get their businesses off the ground and get their turned into actual funded companies that can do the damn thing and she specifically raises money for women. Pse and lgbtq members of that community so she's joining us. I gotta tell you. I was introduced her from my makeup artist mel and she was like i did this woman's makeup and she is just incredible and so i started doing some research on her and i've been wanting to get her on the show for quite some time and finally was like you know what. Let me just reach out and em her. Because i think a lot of us. And i maybe i'm speaking for myself but when it comes to money and venture capitalism and all this stuff it just feels so foreign and sometimes it can just feel really yucky and it makes me very kind of like linen of i really wanna like sand or even know but as we are in a financial crisis in this country i think is more important than ever that we really understand the ins and outs of all of these spaces and so arlen is joining us today to help us get more insight into that and also get more insight into ourselves and how we become the currency in the conversation. Welcome to another episode of small doses. Where today we are joined with a different kind of gas. Nazi typically having real artsy fawzi. People on here or wou- you know who are like you know the astrology and the stars and the skies and i really want to make sure that we are having a well rounded Set of conversations. Here at small doses. Just you know full disclosure to our guests. The first three years of doing this podcast with a lot of just me talking. Okay was a lot of just me on here this token and pontificate and and i feel like it's time that we open up the space for other voices that nobody things that i don't really know about. I have iena dumb. We but i feel like the expertise that we are going to be shared with. Today is a makes us very lucky folks. We have arlan hamilton. author of. It's about damn time joining us. Arlen is a okay. Actually because i don't even want to. I don't even wanna get this wrong. How do you categorize yourself. Because i feel like i read a couple of different things and i know that i people like will call me actress and i'm like at but i'm a comedian. So how'd you know unlike that. So i'm an investor. Okay but you can call me a venture capitalist okay. I love that you ask that. So what is an like. An some of these questions are going to seem very basic ireland because This interview is very much for me. Also just like getting some learning. Because i will say this we have a lot of creatives that listen to this podcast and for creatives. Business is definitely kind of dislike a lot of times. It's like wonky thing that you have to figure out in order to make money to continue to be creative. And i know for me i usually create first and then have to figure out the business which is not necessarily like the best order of things But it is something that is just what it is. If you're trying to live off of your creativity right. And i think as a woman particularly my independence in that space and my knowledge base in that space has become more and more just the necessity for that becomes more and more apparent because every time that i try to just hire somebody to handle it. They

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