How to Become Location Independent With Debbie Arcangeles


I am here with debbie from the offbeat life. One of my favorite pod casts for years for years. Some super excited to talk to you. Say all about location independence and your journeys for how you actually did it and how. Maybe we can decide to do that. Too so debbie welcome to the show. Hey danielle i'm so excited to be here and really happy to talk to you. 'cause i've been your fan as well so this is also like a dream for me to be on your show. I love it. i love it all right. Let's just dig into it so for those. Who aren't familiar with the term. What is location independence. What does that mean. Yes so being location in the pennant means that you can literally work from anywhere and have the freedom to still create income and be anywhere in the world. You don't have to be stuck in one place so you are location in. Yes and i think especially since the pandemic hit a lot of folks are now home full-time like i'm a perfect example of it. I haven't been in the office since march of last year. So heading on my one year anniversary and it's like wait. Wait wait wait wait. This is possible. I don't have to go into the office and be productive so that just like opened my mind up so so so much but for those who are wondering what stood true difference between remote work location independence and being digital nomad is so big ing location independent or being someone who can literally work from anywhere bright and you could decide wherever that may be. It could be where you are right now or if you wanna move somewhere just means you just have that freedom to to take your work with you

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