Despite Tensions, U.S. And China Agree to Work Together on Climate Change


Had pledged to cooperate with each other to tackle climate change. They released a joint statement today after a last minute meeting between the climate on voice of both countries and Shanghai. Over the last three days. NPR's Emily Fang reports on the pledge amid tensions the US China relationship, the U. S envoy, John Kerry, met his Chinese counterpart, CIA journal PLA. They agreed the two countries were quote firmly committed to working with each other to keep global temperatures from rising another two degrees Celsius, as outlined in the Paris agreement to which both countries Air Party China and the U. S also said they would release more detailed strategies for achieving carbon neutrality. The U. S wants to cut carbon emissions to half of 2005 levels by 2030. China wants to be completely carbon neutral by 2060. President. Bidet is hosting an online climate summit for 40 World leaders next week. It is unclear of Chinese leader Xi Jingping will join

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