Could We See a New Cold War With China


It is perhaps difficult to altogether. Suppress an amount of derisive mirth. When the people's republic of china inveighs against the unfairness of a world subject to the whims of omnipotent higgins president xi jinping earlier made a series of statements to this effect also making some pointed remarks about the united states using its mighty commercial power to advance its political interests as such treachery obviously has never even occurred to beijing. G speech wasn't obvious enough. Challenge to the newish administration of president joe biden but what are biden's options for response joined with more on this by isabel hilton. Ceo of china dialogue is a bill. How reassured should we be at this point. The china does not it turns out which to become any kind of global amman. Heavens did really terrible source. china Which is to mark the end of the us reign as the global head. Jamin but isn't quite ready to step up so if you look at cheese speech what he what he made fairly clear was that because of geography china was an important regional power and that was a bit of a shot across the bows of japan and perhaps the philippines who've been making unfriendly noises and japan and the united states said had already just this week Agreed that they would work to counter some of china's behavior in the region but the idea that china is ready to take on the kind of global leadership in the way. The united states is exercised. It is is a little premature. I think so it. This is an exercise in containment. Cise in trying to discredit us. Leadership and to discredit the sort of values norms of a global order which china repeatedly claims were set up by just a few powers and china wasn't one of them at the time

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