He looks old. He looks like he always either just woke


Calm Joe Biden is struggling his way through the 1st 90 days of his term, but they're already talking about they're already talking about buying 2024 Listen, t o Jen Psaki Talk about buying 2020 2020 24 Cliff 16. And I understand what you're asking me is what happens in 2024 right? Or is that what you're asking me? Well, that's a long time away. But the president has every intention of getting reelected and certainly ensuring that he is implementing policies where climate addressing our climate crisis, putting Americans back to work go hand in hand, which is absolutely his Desire in his commitment, it will be a part of his continuing agenda. Putting Americans back to work. Well, you know, tell that to the tens of thousands of people that got laid off when he canceled the Keystone pipeline as one of the first things he did it he did in his presidency. So yeah, he's getting people back to work. But look, this man he has barely gotten through the first three months of this presidency and the fact that he's been able to get this far and he's barely making it And he is being completely propped up by all of the usual suspects.

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