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With Mac June The Niners traded up to three Who else was going to take Mack Jones at three. He's going to take Mack Jones at four. Or five Or six or seven. Did 40 Niners moved up to the third pick. To ensure That they would get the guy they like the most. That thought that Mac Jones Would go number three overall. Or that somebody else would trade up to three to draft Mac Jones. I get it. If you like a guy, you do what you can to get him and you ensure that you get him. Just I Hand. See that the 40 Niners gave up what they gave up to move all the way up to three to take Mac Jones. He's not going to go to it, Lena. Not going to go to Miami. He's not going to go to Cincinnati. I just couldn't gave up a lot less and put themselves still in the best position. Did you two grab the third quarterback taken in the draft? They like Mack Jones. That's fine. But that to me. Don't know. It feels very Mitchell for Biscuit ish. Right. The idea. You're going to move on. Now the Bears did not move up as far As the 40 Niners did. It's still the idea. That you give up future draft capital and they were gonna have to trade up. Regardless if they wanted a quarterback. Except if they wanted draft Mac Jones. I mean, I He might have felt to them. That's why I can't And I know I'm inserting my own thoughts on Mack Jones. But As much as guys generate Mo mentum. As we draw closer to the draft. Has Mac Jones. Is anybody talking about Mac Jones? In any other context, then count then, Chris Simms says. That Kyle Shanahan likes him. Don't pretend like I see every Report. Read that I read every tweet or hear every show. I don't Have yet to hear about Mac Jones. In any other context. And Chris him, saying that caution in likes him. And even Think yesterday or today. Said that he'd be shocked if it wasn't Mack Jones and he Chris Simms is driving this conversation. Write him and him alone. He keeps saying it and everyone else looks at me. Really? Him. Mac Jones. Don't trade all the way up to three. Get Mak jump. Dude. Nobody that I've been able to find has Mack Jones as the third best quarterback on the board. In fact, I would say he's as consensus of fifth Best quarterback as there Can be You got a few people were saying Zack Wilson is better than Trevor Laurence. That, of course, is Equally crazy. But you have some people. Saying Zack Wilson might be better than traveling. I think those people are reporting on things that they have been told by Zach Wilson's people. That's just So You have more There are more people that I've found. Let's say that said that Zach Wilson is better than Trevor Laurence then and then I have found people have said Mack Jones is the third best quarterback in this draft. They're people that are higher on him. Than others. It's like on Lee Chris Simms. Speaking about What he believes Call Shana and belief. And you can't dismiss it. You can't dismiss. What Chris Simms is saying. But if if cow if he's doing his buddy is solid and sending out a smoke screen, it's the worst smokescreen ever. Nobody is saying, Oh, my God, I got They're trying to scare the Jets into taking Mac Jones. Is that what this is about? We're trying to trick Ryan Pace. Tray. I don't get it. It's okay. If you like back Jones. That's a difference of opinion. But to give up with the 40 Niners dead. To go up to three. To take Mack Jones when I haven't heard anybody else, look at what we're in here in Colorado, where Diamond talking about Mac Jones. Nobody's talking about Mac Jones. It's not. Will the Broncos move up for Trey, Lance? Or, uh, Justin Fields or Mack Jones? There's no Mack Jones in the conversation. It's fields and its lands. No one's even entertaining the idea that the Broncos may like Mac Jones How many other cities That have teams drafting in the top 10. Would you be able to say that? Is that Lana debating Mack Jones against these other two guys? Are the Bears. And Patriots. Trying to move up to take Mac Jones. I think maybe they would If he started to slip a little bit, But anybody who's in Within range of grabbing him in It's not even discussing Mack John. It's not because there's a consensus that He's going the 40 Niners. Chris Simms is the one saying that Nobody else is saying that. Not that I've seen. Get liking Mac Jones. Liking him enough to give up all that. The 40 Niners, David I just I can't Wrap my head around that So if I'm betting

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