Competence at the quarterback position


When you given competence at the quarterback position he's one of the best receivers in football we know that jordi had a great great game on thursday cyber devon funchase seven for seventy in two touchdowns benjamin still had more yardage in this game but the touchdowns went find his way and that it's hard to say have been going his way this is three weeks in a row where launches is olsen yep also has gone bunches is getting enough targets to be involved and to be successful if he can actually real the ball in the last couple of weeks he has i think he he is someone that should be picked up and in the right matchups i think he could play what's this detroit philly chicago's one of those e correct matchup not especially i mean i don't look at any of those in say is a must start but i i do vigliotti because of the target volume because of how many targets he's getting if you are in a deep league or if you have really really bad options he might be a flex worthy start may give you some of the target leaders from this week and you guys tell me your thoughts on them yet michael thomas with eleven and alan with eleven y'all said mike evans with eleven but he here's one that's interesting mike wallace ten targets this week six for fifty in a touchdown to ron brown twelve targets this year for arizona in that matchup that went over time against the forty nine ers any thing to say about those guys redrawn brown has he's been getting the snaps he's beginning the targets he didn't have those big six numbers like j j nelson whose i mean scorned touchstones every single week but drawn brown was the safe.

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