In order to add the apple watch



In order to add the apple watch but now i didn't port my number because i still have make my iphone is on my rogers my apple my ipad is on my rogers sam so now i have my apple watch connected to a foam and has a former that don't use and after two phones with me like an animal iaea and is just it's it's not convenient i could put everything over to bulb bell doesn't like the voice quality is not as good in psalms console sort of your you know you're trapped you're trapped by the you want the technology marcus archer put you can't have the technology so what was the reason can you say the reason again as to why you believe there's two reasons and and no one's confirm anything one is that just rogers is either being a jerk in the negotiations and it'll take a while before they sign on or whatever and the second is that they didn't built out because the apple watch has i believe it i might be guinness wrong so nerds please feel free to yell at me i believe is using a category one motive for low power transmission an an and you have to have specific support for that and some people believe that rogers never built that out okay though they can't they can it's actually offering a all the could at it i mean that's the thing and i think more and more devices like this like more lowpower devices are going to want to be online and it would blew them removed them georgia was very had almost the opposite of that where she has a u s phone and now she asked the slum it on bella just a gutter canadian watch working because they don't rome.

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