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For the dodgers to use utilize the ross than houston does they're not built that way take away from this world series you've seen a lot of a ma over the course of your career as a as a fan as a kid and what you played an an even as a broadcaster where does this rank for you this ranks from excitement level and while factor and i can't believe moments like probably number one but i don't understand i think what i'll take away is the things these clubs learned about players i mean i've never seen a series where you have to play a roster so short meaning manager does not have confidence to go to guys so guys have had their toughest moments at the wrong time and and how that plays out next year will be very interesting i will good luck on the call the night thanks for the time you gotta i kissed you back to you i chris singleton now with a john smoltz who pitched in five world series went into the hall of fame a just a couple of years ago and you heard sing he said we'll beyond the call with joe buck over on fox will have dance showman erin boone the call of game 7 of the world series right here on espn radio and we have been counting down our top seven world series game sevens last two years cubs indians extra innings thriller ended the cubs 100 eightyear drought they checked in at number three jack morris pitching ten shutout innings in the twins 1990 one game seven win over john smoltz in the braves was at number two you have to go back fifty seven years to find our top game 7 of all time 1960 new york yankees versus pittsburgh pirates the yankees of pirates delivered a back and forth drama and emotional swings the fans want to see in a game seven the pirates jumped out to an early four nothing lead the yankees answered with four in the sixth for a five four lead then added to the lead with two more in the eight pittsburgh goal scored five runs for the lead back only to see the yankees tied it in the ninth and bill mazeroski step to the play in the last of the night art bit by roll here before.

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