So what do you have at number five


We'll be back we had a collaborator of way conway dry dr vipul is wearing sideways laws stable prey veng back with more top films over the 50s so what do you have at number five number five is a sweet little movie we've already time episode about harvey oh yeah we did that with caterer yep and we had a versus dropped at fred what you guys hated getaway the everyone knows about harvey invisible rabbit or zou visible i guess he's only visible searchable too yeah certain people starring jimmy stewart time worth watching yeah we talked about it um i agree it's a good movie had better than i expected it would be for sure my number five is umberto d by uh the torio to seeker who did bicycle thieves um and this is basically bicycled these part to kind of um it's about it's another italian neorealist if you're familiar with that uh it's about this old man and it's after the war obviously um in rome he's um and he's trying to keep his like shitty room he rents but like the land ladies uh evicting him and he has his dog flake which everybody will love the dog when they if they watch the movie it's just him and his dog and his in trying to make his way in the world are trying to stay not homeless basically and it is i mean you know it's another one that the weep her i definitely like these kind of movies uh and it's you know it's about human dignity and and the elderly in all these cat issue so uh that's one i think you should definitely what have you seen bicycle peace.

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