Seahawks fall to Redskins, 17-14, as Blair Walsh misses three field goals


To seattle where the washington redskins come up with a dramatic seventy two fourteen victory over the seattle seahawks the seahawks looked like they had the ballgame what there's russell wilson hit doug baldwin from thirty yards out with a half left to give the seahawks a fourteen to ten lead but washington had one more shot and kirk passage with a couple of tremendous throws setting up rob kelly for the one yard raw that what the gave some of the final stats seattle forward thirty seven total yards washington to forty four wilson twenty four forty five two hundred ninety seven yards two touchdowns with two interceptions cousin twenty one of thirty one two hundred forty seven yards rob kelly as we mentioned too wedding such announced for the washington redskins fan russell wilson the leading rusher as well as passer for seattle 10 carries seventy seven yards for him at doug baldwin seven catches hundred eight yards.

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