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Germany's defeat in the second World War. It was hacked into roughly two. Territories. The west initially administered in patch were by the allies and the east by the USSR in the years to come the German Democratic Republic, the new east German state would struggle to shake off every trace of the Third Reich in capitalism, including the books of Carl Mein those who are really officially in the communist party saw quite clearly what the identification between Hitler. And the literature was trashed that should be discarded in favor of the new socialist personality, and they were forbidden to be published. Evan. A German studies professor at the university of Cincinnati says that east German officials watched with horror as their Deccan and to the last turned out a blockbuster series of Carl my films starting with the treasure of silver lake in nineteen sixty two. Shows away to a treasure beyond price. And this man murdered to possessing nothing but stop him leading his outlaw army to steal treasure Silverlake color on.

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