Two Scientists Earn Nobel for Discovering a New Pillar in Cancer Therapy


For the first time a Nobel prize in medicine has been awarded for cancer therapy. One of the researchers sharing the prize did his groundbreaking work at UC Berkeley. Here's science editor. Daniel Benton, James Allison says he didn't start out intending to cure cancer. He wanted to know how t cells work T cells are a key part of our immune system. They attacked cancers and other diseases, but they also have a kind of breaking system that slows them down Alison discovered the molecule that serves as the brakes and had an idea here. He is speaking at a press conference this morning. Russia just disable the brakes and see if that will allow them your sister to attack cancer and. Did the therapy has extended the lives of thousands of cancer patients. Alison director the UC Berkeley cancer research laboratory for twenty years he currently works at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in

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