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And things have not been so good. It's been a real tough one. In fact, in Auburn right now, southbound one six seven at highway eighteen the left general purpose and H O T lanes are blocked with a crash. The fire department is there, and we have stop and go traffic from fifteen th street northwest in Renton southbound four zero five approaching Talbott the right lane is blocked as well. So we have very slow traffic from the maple valley road. We also have a real significant slowdowns in Bellevue southbound four zero five from five twenty three coal creek and continues to be tough through Newcastle. Northbound is really struggling from five twenty through Kirkland as you head up pass totem lake and then towards the five to two interchange. Southbound I five is still solid from Northgate into downtown Seattle. In magnolia in investigation continues on a fatal crash that happened on Thorndike. So the stretch of Thorndike that's closed is between Crockett and twenty-second. Police will direct you around. Also bus service has been rerouted through there and in Bremerton on the Warren avenue bridge, all lanes. Both directions are completely blocked. Northbound traffic backed up to highway three or four south. Southbound traffic backed up to Sheridan road. This look at traffic is brought to you by Virginia. Mason open enrollment. Aaron remarkable care is right in your backyard. She's a plan that includes Virginia. Mason. Learn more at Virginia. Mason dot org slash insurance next. Komo traffic at five forty four..

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