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I don't. I don't who I don't know the next great guy. Isn't there a great wide receiver prospect in college football right now? I think it's, I think it's either Williams Ross and I don't really love Williams. I know, but he's, he's gonna. He looks the part, you know. And so to be the guy that probably in the first round, I mean in all of college, football is there, is there a star level wide receiver prospect? Is there? Is there a Julio Jones? Is there a Calvin Jami? There's very few common Johnson's history of the world, so that's not fair, but Redway looks pretty good. I would say that Calvin ridley's an interesting name to keep in mind. But the freshman in Texas to the Johnson could've. Texas looks like, you know, I run looks like he could be. Colin Johnson could be something like a Calvin Johnson down the road you, but you're right about Ridley Ridley is is richly kinda like Sammy Watkins and that kind of player for you? Amari Cooper. Yeah. I can say I was gonna say Cooper, but again, it's it's easy to make that comparison because they both goes in school. I, I really like his guy. I don't know what it is about him. He's just sort of. Got it. I would say that he's west what is more cooprate and walk ins as far as I mean, the size is pretty similar, but the body type is more like Watkins. I don't know. That's that's a good comparison. I guess we'll see more of them here the next year, and then he's he's eligible next year. Right? Yeah, I believe he's a true, sophomore. I will say that it'll be as I moved away from the NFL draft, say, and the inches talking about all sports covering all the sports. My NFL draft knowledge is falling off a cliff as to what it used to be. Great. I'm I'm with you there unfortunately, but we'll ramp it up here in the next few weeks and months. You know, no question about that. A couple more things before we go. Steph curry had one of those nights last night on you. Oh boy. After after going over ten in a twenty point loss to the Los Angeles Lakers a twenty point loss to the Los Angeles Lakers who are somehow for in three hundred season. Steph curry goes off for thirteen threes, thirteen for seventeen last night against the pelicans. Couple things strike me as aunt here one. That's that's a crazy divergence from one game to another. And she other than the Spurs have the warriors played anyone who's even halfway decent this year. Well, they put the thunder. That's true. That was a big game that was kind of interesting have that was that was a tough one to watch. So I again, I'm sort of objective to the west coast thing. I don't really have a dog in the fight, and I just naturally grown to like those warriors seems like I love. I think Klay Thompson is probably the most underrated all around player in the league. I mean, he's obviously a great shooter ever knows clay, step splash, rose, whatever, but he's such a good defender. And I mean, when you see him matched up on west occasionally, you see that. I think that. They're just there, but watching that game, it was really tough to root for them over the hump, their hard for me to. I mean, you wash these guys and they just keep trotting out. It's like little player after player watching the cubs lineup, honestly, every next add fat. It's another star. Every next shooter. It's an Draymond green complete afterthought on this team complete after thought, people completely forget about Andre Goodall off the bench. I just had, you know, it's long bottling. So I found myself kind of in the back of my mind hoping that Russell Westbrook would put given Duran on poster, do something like that. And I mean at the same time, it's just so interesting and fun to watch soccer in and play. And particularly those especially stuff because of his height, shoot the ball and just completely defy physics and everything that you know about basketball from all the years of playing and watching it. So yeah, it's still boggles my mind team..

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