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Three two. But then you gotta win. The big ask any of these teams four out of five big ask either way. That's why I think this series will go six or seven gate. Also means place has to pitch while on a game. That's a big big question. If they're down three to places going to get the ball again game six and he's going so he's going to have to pitch well in this series right picky. Pitch Polian one and you can still win. You can if you need to pitch twice. One of them's got to be a good Buffy stinks in game two. I don't think he's going to pitch and game six if it gets to that possibility existed in Iraq or something like that. That's scary too. I just think this is I legitimately think this is his last shot to pitch well in the post game too. If it's going to be like game two of the Yankees. Let's say David price last inning in two thirds up. Three runs in chorus says enough I'm going to take him out you go right to Joe Kelley like he did against the Yankees in game two because he gave you some quality innings. Go Kelly is not surrendered in earned run in nine innings pitched in his career with the Red Sox in the postseason. If you get that sounds price gets shelled quickly. What's it doesn't price doesn't really matter who they put in at that point? If you're only down three nothing, you can kind of come back from that. Right. All those guys are the same. I'm saying like if you go to your bullpen. It's not like, I feel more cover Joe Kelly. He's gonna send the tide. I mean, you could throw any of those guys in there. And I think it's going to be I threw out the idea of opening Joe Kelley and game to see what he can give you two two hundred third maybe three innings and then bring in price in the third fourth or fifth inning. This is why apps not a manager. Managing the Oakland. A's your favorite. I think that was an awful decision to go with this daughter and see what could you go to Iran? If twice gets little I have much more confidence in pricing because it looks like price. It leave us a if price gets lit up because of three runs Cora comes out. Could he put an era? Be the left maybe wanna go. Lefty righty. Then bring the lefty and later, I think that's why I mean, that's why I really heard that right? Is unable to go. I rarely threatened a huge wrench into when they came back for the series. Even if he's healthy he could pitch in the World Series. If they get there. It was their best bullpen guy down stretch. Because it can get really hurt. Eat up innings but their bullpen against the Yankees. Okay. Red Sox bullpen outperform the Yankees bullpen. One game one game where they melted down right in that was a bad inning from kimbrel from Kimbrell, and it was a bad performance from Iran. I mean, they gave up seven earned runs. The bullpen. Six of them came three by rod three by kimbrel. The rest of that bullpen only gave up one earned run in twelve innings yet. He walked. It was a game to that will allow that was that was prices game trying to remember what the game was where they just couldn't be is game. One game wise game one really struggle Denzel Washington landing the plane in flight is not get that a lot with this bullpen and with the Astros bullpen. You got some serious arms in their closer. Roberta Altuna the Astros decided to sell their soul to the devil to bring him there. The Red Sox not too bad guy, very bad guy. Now if you're getting to game seven of the American League championship series, and it's kimbrel. Osuna one run either way of sooner does his job kimbrel. Does doesn't do his job as a Red Sox fan? You say damn they should've got Roberto Osuna. No, okay. Nobody's gonna sooner Kimball still pitching tonight or or he's your setup guy. Knee eighth. Right. Yeah. He would've been either way and also get the ball thinks of over himself. Louis Vuitton bag here. You would have gotten Osuna wouldn't have to face him in the postseason again, these these I don't think anybody's going to say that. Because of who he is. I mean, I don't think any surprise that the Astros did it because they they've had a zero tolerance policy. I don't think anybody believes he was going to be there. They're going to be any takers for him. Because it's basically, Josh Gordon me, Josh Gordon's, self destructive. But he hasn't heard anyone who's the bad guy. Bad guy shot photos of is. I don't know if it's his wife girlfriend or may be the way he beat the living crap out of her is a bad guy. I can't root for someone like anywhere near so that so we agree on that that that works out fine but game one how important is this one because you get your best pitcher going out there and Chris sale. Maybe he's at ninety percent. And you've got Justin Verlander who is a big game pitcher. He's a stud you can give you six innings and go even deeper you would assume that Saturday night game one it's going to be a little wet there. It's supposed to rain during the day. Not at night, fifty five sixty degrees at most. And you've got two studs out. They would expect a low scoring game. Who the hell knows? I mean with these two offenses it could be four four in the fourth inning. But I think it's a bigger game for the Red Sox their home. And then you know that the game to matchup is David price who you have a ton of questions about. Going in its Garrett. Cole who struck out twelve didn't walk anyone against a good Cleveland team in game two of the LDS. So far he has the best step pitching performance of anybody in the postseason this year granted short sample size. But he was terrific and start. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's always a bear game for the home team. I mean because there's more pressure on you. You gotta defend your field. So there's definitely it's a bigger for the bigger deal for the Red Sox to to come out on top. And it's obviously it's it's a really really tough pitching matchup because Justin Verlander is one of the best pitchers in baseball. And he's great win. The lights are on the second half of his career earliest grades struggled in the postseason, but he was very young. When he started a very he's very confident to I mean, he knows he's got the offensive provide him run support. And he's been in this position before he's got plenty of postseason starts under his belt World Series.

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