ABC, Steve Gomez and President Trump discussed on NBC Sports Radio


Slash radio certified to operate in Virginia by chef. From ABC news. I'm Todd ant. It's being called one of the deadliest attacks on Jewish people in US history. Eleven killed at the tree of life synagogue in the squirrel hill section of Pittsburgh. There are six wounded including four police officers as they subdued the subject. Forty suspect Forty-six year old Robert Bowers who was charged late Saturday with twenty nine federal counts, including hate crimes and weapons. Offenses. Steve Gomez is a former FBI agent and ABC news consultant he recommends that officials look for social media posts that lean towards acts of violence. We have to say the law enforcement federal state, local that those are indicators of potential violence of a potential crime has to allow law enforcement to trigger an investigation into that. President Trump calling the attack a wicked act of mass murder and anti-semitism our minds cannot comprehend the cruel hate and the twisted malice that could cause a person to unleash such terrible violence during a baby naming ceremony Trump in Indianapolis Saturday. A vigil was held near the synagogue, Saturday evening church. Bells rang has family friends, even strangers came to pay their respects for Denise and James clause. Busy rough and work with both of the classes at the January Turkey plant in Barron. Wisconsin was.

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