Soccer: Predictions for Tops Leagues

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All right. I have five predictions that I would put any money on going through them. Number one, arson van Gurley, managing Real Madrid. By the end of the. Season. I love it that amazing. That was a disaster. The Lou Libre thing was a death disaster from when it started their underlying numbers really bad, doesn't seem like he's gonna last. Their vendor has talked about Real Madrid in the past. You know, who else are they gonna hire at this point. So count on that number two. Get ready for the red bull treble as I'm calling it with New York, red bulls, winning the MLS Rb Leipzig who I'm considering part of red bull, even though the club does not like to be called red bull winning the Bundesliga. And Rb Salzburg, winning Europa league. I love that one too. I know I have. I don't have the best reputation for, you know, actually carrying out the bets. But if that happens, Mike Nye or going to one shot, a tall can rebel live on air. I cannot wait for that. I'll I'll say eulogies. Number three, less surprising. Frankie diong and I ex will make a run to the Champions League, semi finals. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, I XE champions. Are they even gonna get out of their their first in their group right now tied Byron. Wow. Okay. Semi-final they've got Totic guys. Legend. Number four. This one pains me Manchester City's gonna win the Premier League Champions League, double the seer. Bets. That's verse jinx shit. I learned from the best put the bay. From the top. City, wait till man, city wins the double not a trouble or could Rupel. I just don't think they're gonna care enough about fake up. Fair point. They are defending care about Cup champions though. Maybe they get the Jack Trevor treble with the character. Treble whomever had the FA Cup Europe or UEFA Cup and Carling Cup shrivel. That was dope. Number five, the soft treble number five. My most most bold.

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