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Stocks finished lower today on Wall Street as shares of IBM slumped after the fed signaled the need to continue to raise interest rates despite criticism from the president the Dow dropped ninety one points. This is NPR and this is WNYC in New York. I'm Sean Carlson, New York governor Andrew Cuomo is joining a growing list of officials who say they won't appear on local news channel, New York. One. His move followed mayor de Blasios decision on Monday to cancel his weekly appearance on the channel both say they want appear because of a standoff between the stations parent company charters spectrum and electrical workers who've been on strike for more than a year. Thirty five other elected officials signed a letter pledging to stay off the station as well. Tom Robbins, a longtime New York reporter and faculty member at the CUNY journalism school said the move doesn't really surprise them. New York is a union town, or at least that's the perception. It's toxic Titian to cross the picket line a spokesperson for New York. One said in a statement. It's quote, a shame to see New York. One us as a political prop at a time. When there are fewer and fewer objective. Local news outlets. New York City councilman wants to tighten regulations on the iconic water towers that Dohrn the city skyline. That's after an investigation by the city and state news website found the many rooftop tanks are decrepit and potentially hazardous Manhattan. Councilman Ben Kahlo says his new Bill would require landlords to clean their water towers after city officials test them inspections of the water towers were actually happening after cleaning. And of course, they will passing with flying colors despite reporting to the contrary that these water towers were in poor condition. The Bill would also allow the city to conduct surprise inspections to make sure the reservoirs are being kept clean right now. They're scheduled with the landlord a near state health department committee has missed its deadline to recommend regulations for three types of toxic chemicals in drinking water right now. The state has no rules on whether water systems even have to test for PFOS PF and one four dioxin. Liz Miranda is with the environmental advocates of New York right now. There are thousands of people who have no idea PF away. Even in their water. They haven't had the same kind of testing that other communities have had and if they don't know what's in their water. Well, what if it's there the APA does require testing, but not for small towns so beginning for years ago residents of who sick falls, upstate New York tested the water themselves last year, they discovered their levels of PF. Oh, a were eighteen hundred times higher than the federal safety standard. The state says it plans to make recommendations by the end of the year for the rest of tonight here in our area. The sky should remain mostly clear, we'll have a low of about forty degrees tonight. It'll be breezy. Gus up to thirty six miles an hour and then tomorrow Thursday sunny through the day with a high near fifty degrees. You're listening to WNYC at seven thirty five support for NPR comes from member stations and from zoom. Zoom offers cloud video conferencing, online meetings and a video conference room solution in one platform, featuring digital video and audio screen sharing account registration and more at zoom dot US. And transfer wise a service that helps people send money internationally three million people and businesses use transfer wise to send receive and convert currencies in more than seventy countries. More at transfer wise dot com or from their app from NPR news. This is all things considered. I'm Ari Shapiro. Mary Louise Kelley last night, the two US Senate candidates from Texas debated in San Antonio three weeks before election day. There was an important opportunity for democratic congressman veteran Rourke an incumbent Republican Ted Cruz to make their cases to voters the debate. Like the race was downright nasty as NPR's. Wade Goodwin reports Senator Ted Cruz is reelection campaign has not been shy about attacking his opponent. Congressman Beto were Rourke on TV. I'm Ted Cruz, and I approved. This message metalwork is more extreme than he wants. You didn't know what attack at which eventually seemed to backfire cruise. Campaign. Misleadingly edited videotape to make it appear as if a Rourke said he supported flag burning which he did not say better. Rox positions are too extreme even for them just to reckless for taxes until now better work has declined to participate in negative campaigning. But with the poll showing cruise with anywhere from a six to a nine point lead, the congressman relented and has gone on the attack Republicans and Democrats alike know that we've got to lead on immigration reform, and yet Ted Cruz is the only Senator to vote against moving forward with that conversation is bounded to deport every single dream last night and their debate in San Antonio this trend continued crews painting or work as a dangerous extremist if you work in energy, if you work in oil and gas congressman rox record on this is extreme he didn't just vote for a ten dollar a barrel tax on oil. He's also voted for aggressive regulations of fracking. But unlike their first debate. Last night Aurore hit back. This is what you can expect over. The course of this debate Senator is not going to be honest with you. He's going to make up positions and votes that I've never held or ever taken is dishonest. It's why the president called wine Ted, and it's why the nickname stock because it's true, although crews would force a laugh when a work attacked him. His face revealed is true, emotions and the Senator didn't like it. But the debate in San Antonio was more than just battle. It was substantive to cruise has the numbers on his side. There are hundreds of thousands more Republican voters in Texas, the Democrats as a result. Cruise spoke mostly to his base. The state of Texas is booming. We've got right now. The lowest unemployment in forty nine years, Texas is seeing the benefits of low taxes and lower regulations and congressman or rock position is always always always in favor of higher taxes if Cruz generally played two Republican fears. What would happen? If Democrats gained any power work tended to speak to voters better angels. Whether we will remain the inspiration of the world is an open question right now. The partisanship pettiness the dishonesty that defines so much of the national conversation. We are in desperate need right now of inspiration. Although orcas running way ahead of other taxes. Statewide, Democrats close still get you know cigar? I think that a very good democratic candidate running against a flawed Republican candidate has a chance to break through. That's why Iraq came up so strong on cruise. Cal Jolson is a professor of political science at southern Methodist university Cruzan is an acquired taste people respect him as a conservative fighter. They don't necessarily like him. They gave a rock a look. But Democrats have to recognize that competitiveness is a decade or two decades out. It's not two years. It's not for years is longer than that. Because demographic change is very slow. Beto O'Rourke will appear in an hour long CNN townhall event tomorrow evening and mcallen on the Texas border Ted Cruz declined to participate. So our work will answer the voters questions himself. Wade goodwin. NPR news. Harvard is defending its admissions policy in a Boston courtroom this week. The question is whether the school discriminates against Asian American applicants the case could go to the supreme court with broad implications for -firmative action in schools yesterday. We spoke with an Asian American student who believes Harvard should consider factors including race. Kelly. Bap avant has the opposite view. She is also the daughter of Asian immigrants, and she's a junior at Harvard. Welcome to all things considered great. Thanks for having me. Why do you believe Harvard's admissions policy needs to change? I think race nearly creates illusion of diversity, and I'd love to see admissions policies change, not to have recent now Harvard says that when they do consider race, it's one of many factors that they consider it's complicated role in students life experiences would you like to see race just totally omitted from the list of factors that Harvard is considering when it assesses a student's qualifications. Yeah. I think so because when it comes down to it raises sort of something that is becoming not just merely a factor. But oftentimes the factory that a decision is based on. I think Harvard is saying that they don't do that. But what students for fair admissions has been showing in the past few days in has really brought to light is that oftentimes it is the single risk factor that comes down to someone's rejection students other admissions is the group that brought this lawsuit we should say. Yes. Yup. And I think it's scary to see this repeating in history because back in the nineteen twenties. Harvard sort of did this with Jewish applicants as well. Insert of USA personal reading to artificially keep their numbers lower. Although they were scoring higher on everything else. Similar to what happening with Asian Americans right now, some supporters of Harvard in this case have alleged that the group that brought this suit is using Asian-Americans almost as a front trying to drive a wedge among minority groups and that at the end of the day this lawsuit if it goes to the. Supreme court and a successful is really likely to help white people more than any other racial group. What do you think of that argument? I don't think that that's true at all. Clearly affirmative action has failed in its school right now. It's instead discriminated against Asian-Americans under the guise of diversity anything. This is a critical time to reevaluate. How -firmative action policies are impacting different communities. I'd like you to respond to something that Harvard senior Sally Chen said to us on the program yesterday. She plans to testify for Harvard at the trial. Here was part of our conversation. Merit means nothing without context. The kinds of barriers that people face and the kinds of the ways that they overcome and work despite these barriers I think is really important to how we're thinking about the ways in which people can succeed and can lead merit means. Nothing without context. What do you think of that idea? So I think that a lot of admissions processes should be based on just merit. But I come from an inner city public high school background, and I do recognize that merit does need to be put in context. Sometimes what resources and opportunities. People have available to them is really important. But I think that when we look at it we shouldn't just be looking at merit in the context of race. But again, like I said married in the context of economic status or something that speaks more to someone's opportunities and resources is really important. It sounds like you both agree that there are things about a person's application that cannot be quantified in grades and test scores. You just disagree about whether that list of things includes race or not. Yeah. I would agree with that. I would say that all of a sort of have the same goal of diversity on a college campus, whatever the benefits of it are, but we just don't believe that we have to resort to racial izing admissions. And instead focus on something like poverty because when we focus on something like race. I think it. Creates a sort of division in sort of diversity for the sake of diversity. And I think chief Justice John Roberts said it best when he said the only way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race, but Kelly thank you so much for talking with us today.

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