Single winning ticket sold in U.S. lottery just shy of world record


Years ago. The New York. He'll project was supposed to bring the world's largest ferris wheel to Staten Island. The six hundred and thirty foot tall tourist attraction was touted as a way to revitalize the island's north shore. But ultimately, the idea couldn't well get off the ground. The wheels developers announced they're abandoning the plan after failing to come up with enough money for the megaproject construction stopped more than a year ago. And in what may have been a final blow mayor de Blasio turned the developers down for a city backed bailout last month it's unclear what will happen to the Saint George development site where nothing but the wheels large pedestal feet wherever constructed forty six degrees right now in central park, mostly sunny skies expected today breezy as well. With a high around fifty five degrees. This is WNYC. Support for NPR comes from Amazon prime video with the Romanovs a new series from the creator of madman. Starring Diane lane, Noah wyle, Christina Hendricks and Andrew Reynolds. A new episode every Friday on prime video. WNYC's

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