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I mean, he's not quite what he was at least, you know, it's hard to get motivated for that team. So I mean, it makes sense though for him to get traded. It's just it's tough. 'cause like you lose a little bit of leverage. So I don't know, man. Like, boy, he's what is he thirty years old twenty eight years old he's twenty eight and by the way, while you say not what he was. And you know, we argue the legitimacy of PF grades all the time. But PF does half is the number four cornerback in football. I mean, I think that if he's on a good team he rises above and like he gets back to being the Patrick Peterson. We've seen recently bed that garbage dumpster fire that we saw last Thursday night was he should be on a better team than that for. Sure. But who who out there is trading a first for Patrick Peterson. The good thing is also with him. I will say that you know, his he's under contract for a while. Now. So he'll be he won't be stu-. Like, it's not a situation clue amac where you not only have to trade picks. But you also have to resign him. I mean, he's. Under contract. I believe for two more years. Can I throw a crazy name at you? How about the Oakland Raiders for Patrick Peterson? Why not why not that that bears pick? That's a that's an interesting player to start building the defense around. That is interesting. I I don't know who I don't know who else I mean. Why think maybe Washington potentially considers it that? You know, the first round picks twenty six right now. You know, why not if you're the chargers, I think the chargers are interesting, although Casey Hayward has been awesome. And they need to they need to draft quarterback again. Like, I don't know. They've they've got some issues there into patriots figured, I think the patriots team to watch their for sure I was gonna mention them. I mean, or what about the cheese Cheever? Sure. I I was going to know what's going to end up being the Rams, right? I was gonna. Yeah. There can't be the Rams cannot be. But she's make a lot of sense. Like, you gotta think about this year in terms of like, how do we cash in on what we've got going? The MO Jo we have how do we put maybe some distance between us and the patriots. And while they're defense looked a lot better against the Bengals. I mean, there's no way you can feel confident about them winning that conference with that defense. So if you had Patrick Peterson to that mix, so very very different story. All right. Aunt you. We're gonna take a quick break. And we'll be right back. Hey, guys, Chris here. And I'm back to tell you about another great off. From our friends at Skype book sportsbook. Baseball's upon us football's on its way in sky book is offering an.

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