LAPD Working With Dodgers to Prevent World Series Home Break-Ins


Year, while the dodgers were striking out in game seven of the World Series here in LA burglars were scoring over at Iasi L Puig's home and police say the suspects specifically targeted this home because they knew it'd be a Dodger Stadium at the time. LA Rams wide receiver. Robert woods was also hit by burglars. During a Rams game this year and cops think the suspects are the same crew of thieves that hit Puig's house, even though police have made a number of arrests. They believe some of the suspects are still. On the loose. And they're concerned about copycats to TMZ says the police are working with major league baseball and the players themselves to keep their property safe. Reporting live in Encino, John KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. You can still get tickets when the series comes to LA, they're not cheap. A course the least expensive seats for Friday's gave it three or selling at six sixty one on stubhub. That's sixty one per ticket and a seat in the dugout club. But will cost twenty two thousand dollars five. Oh, five at

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