Could blue light reduce blood pressure?


Be light light as ever. But blue light is better for people who have blood pressure issues and a lot of people have blood pressure issues, and some don't even know about it. It is the silent killer exposure to blue light lowers person's blood pressure. That's what new research out says after fourteen healthy men were exposed to blue light for just a half hour their blood pressure levels, reduced just about as much as blood pressure lowering drugs. Blue light stimulates the release of nitric oxide. We've talked about nitric oxide on this radio show. Many times how exercise causes the release of nitric oxide, beet juice or beats eating beats releases nitric oxide. Here's another way to do it without doing anything, and they're working on this. The researchers from the university of Surrey and Heinrich Hainan university in Dusseldorf in Germany. Exposed men over their bodies with this. Pure blue light for about thirty minutes. Comparing it to about a daily dose of sunlight, by the way, it's comparable to a daily dose of sunlight, and unlike of course, when you get too much sunlight or ultraviolet rays, you might get sunburned. That's not a good thing. But they're experimenting with this blue light. And this would be an actual treatment. Very soon there in the developmental stages on this because they're trying to find ways non-drug ways to help people with blood pressure because some people their response to blood pressure lowering drugs is recalcitrant they just don't respond or they have side effects that stops them from complying with what their doctor wants them to do in that is to get their blood pressure down. So they don't risk a heart attack or a stroke risk damage damaging there is at the kidneys are their brain or blowing something else out. So you may see this in the very near future. Where blue light therapy is available. It's not available right now. But it is coming. In the meantime, there's no reason why you cannot during times of the year when it's available take in smaller amounts of sunlight, not to the extent where you get a sunburn never ever do that. But small amounts of sunlight, maybe before ten AM or after three pm or in between the hot zone where the sun is higher in the sky, especially during the summer months, you take in maybe fifteen twenty minutes of sunlight, exposing maybe all seventy percent of your body to sunlight not ever getting a sunburn that will release nitric oxide. So sunlight does the same thing in effect that blue light does. However, the sunlight if you get too much of it with the altar via raise it can create damage and free radicals from the sunlight, so the key is smaller doses. More frequently and tell which time research, this research has come to fruition where you can or somebody can for you you walk into a place, and they're able to shun blue light. Pure blue light on your skin, a good majority of it and lower your blood pressure until you can figure out the causes of the blood pressure elevations, which is usually stress overweight. In many other factors salt, not enough exercise, lots of factors associated with it. Or

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