Predator 2 (1990) Born into a Bin


I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully. Hello and welcome to the spoilt Milt movie podcast hair spoilt milk. We like to discuss destroy and dissect guilty pleasure movies and decide whether they're truly spoilt milk, or if they ascended into fine. Looks Yoris cheese. So without further ado Wego. Warning who's podcast is full of sport was for the title feature on this body language from the start. If you've never seen the film or your fended by Bob language, you hop in warrant. Guys today is well, this week's episode of the spilt milk podcast chums not here. Bakers is one and off doing some honeymoon shit in America. So you've got me. You've got the Hobo and we have to special guests today. So we have Laura Laura's being with us before. No. And we also have my bath Richie. So she's seen like five films in the whole of his life, including not will not include in the one that we're watching sages chiming in just for the shits and giggles. So we're going to move onto his top three resentment you had for my better. He didn't want to admit it, but suppose of God. Do be about a half or be with me. Be better off. Fuck you didn't say welcome to spoil movie podcast. I did. This is this week's episode of the spoilt, mount poke casts for chances will continue spoil, welcome to the spoilt Milt movie car. Just exactly. I'm not jam. Why not to grow in his stick. Chums beard. Having anyone's does. You could. You could be homeless like me and it'd be matted with mud and it still doesn't grow in his is and as muddy as chums does. I don't think yours as bear, though I think is just pubic Kelly found on the streets and just speeds. PSA QC WALDO. We'll move onto the top threes. I am so shitter this. I'm so sorry. Well, we want to stop threes. I mean this far of us today, so we're gonna have to Baal out guess to a top three. So this week's is films how we're going to battle it. We'll just we'll just do vote. Topped off cop. Let's do it. So is going to get this wrong. The top three films them made into TV shows. Yeah, I struggled with this majorly. I just kept asking so movies that was then fill movies, films called them. TV show. That was wasn't TV is a Menton into say, it was a film first and then the TV show afterwards taken me in on that didn't exist before that it might have existed. Let's not that didn't exist because I don't want to ruin my two. Okay. Who wants to? I who, who who. Tune. Got like four backup. So then our. One. Outsides, then I'm going to go with all these g in house. Could. Was on a TV show. Yeah. So TV show alway, We usually usually. see it's harder than you think this is ROY. I've got it chose around all of them. Have at least twelve. New down so didn't have down a phone down movies from TV shows. Okay, we'll I, I remember it the way and everyone else has you save at yours, your examples films and TV shows. Away.

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