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The earth is covered in scars evidence of violent collisions with space-borne debris like the chicks solit- crater in Mexico formed when a fifteen kilometer wide asteroid hit so hard it wiped out the dinosaurs. Or the Sudbury basin a one hundred and thirty kilometer wide crater caused by impact one point eight million years ago or the famous meteor crater in Arizona, which is small just a kilometer in diameter, but is a major tourist attraction. Well this week researchers announced they found a new scar. And it's a biggie. A thirty one kilometer wide crater bigger than the city of Paris. That's among the largest impact craters on earth. It was likely caused when a kilometer wide iron meteorites smashed into our planet, and it was found in an unexpected place underneath an ice sheet in Greenland and their investigations also revealed that this crater was. Relatively speaking pretty fresh. It was discovered by an international team that included NASA glaciologist Jo McGregor an expert in studying ice sheets and what lies beneath them. We caught him in Shwe Argentina as he's about to fly a research mission over Antarctica, Mr. McGregor. Welcome to quirks and quarks. Thank you very much. Glad.

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