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Northside Lexus. Twenty four hour weather center. Let's check in with meteorologist Terry Smith at the Weather Channel chances of seeing ring today, pretty high, aren't they? Yes, they are. It's an eighty percent chance of seeing something rain or maybe even hearing some thunder over the course of the day. We've got some light showers off to the south west of the city at the moment. Some of the wet weather near Angleton and just south of pair land. And then we have some thundershowers on north of the city up north of Cleveland and near Livingston as well. So a little bit of wet weather is out there at the moment between the clouds and the rain and the northerly winds today, it's just going to be one of those call damp days. We're in the fifties for highs today that is it. I'll only a slight chance of a shower tonight. Then tomorrow, we dry out. We take a break from the rain tomorrow low to mid sixty s for highs tomorrow Wednesday starts out dry but afternoon, we could see some rain not just Wednesday afternoon but Wednesday night as well. Then a dry day Thursday. Then the possibility of more rain on Friday and the temperatures look to stay pretty cool through most of the week by the end of the week, mid sixty s to around seventy for highs. All right. The the person talks about answering written questions for the molar pro more on that story coming up right now forty seven. Niger officials severe weather station. News Radio seven forty KTAR. H you're dependable and reliable news feed. This is Houston's morning news. You know, about blink motion activated security cameras, amazing technology for detecting anyone sneaking around your home or try and doors, and of course, monitoring holiday package deliveries. Bullying is inviting iheart listeners to score massive savings during its black Friday, cyber Monday event, go to blinkprotect dot com slash iheart and sign up for an alert when the sales starts. That's blinkprotect dot com slash iheart. Blinkprotect dot com slash iheart or hit Amazon dot com and search blink security. Blink is an Amazon company. Forty five percent of women surveyed chose an open GYN procedure. Because they're OBGYN said their condition was.

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