Condoleezza Rice says she won't be head coach of the Cleveland Browns



Of some communities along the us Mexico border, November eighteen of twenty seventeen border patrol agent. Rogelio Martinez found fatally injured in a culvert near Van Horn, Texas to this day. No one yet knows how he died. The sheriff of Barron county Wisconsin calling for the state's four hundred thousand deer hunters to keep an eye out for anything suspicious over the week long gun hunting season. He's hoping a hunter may find evidence related to the disappearance of thirteen year old Jamie Kloss who went missing after her parents were found shot dead October. Fifteen tips have slowed to about twenty five day that was compared with hundreds of tips received the days following her disappearance fantastic beasts to top the box office over the weekend. And I don't know if insurance is buying this or not, but you remember Malcolm in the middle of the little dude, Frankie Muniz the star. Well, he says he was away. For the weekend. And somehow his Catt turned on a faucet and flooded his own so. Smart cat. Or what? But the house is flooded. And he blamed the cat period end of story through

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