Lloyd Blankfein attended key meeting with 1MDB figures


Helped forge ties with Malaysia and its new sovereign wealth fund at the time. Now both currency. Oh, David Solomon amd as predescessor have said that the scandal was the work of a few rogue employees. And there is no indication that blankfein was also the unnamed quote high ranking executive at a later twenty thirteen meeting, which it's at the heart of the scandal. But this is a very interesting story. It is the most read story on the Bloomberg terminal this morning because of that interest where we also have news from. German steel giant. Yes. Essentially mining and energy shares are really leading the drop in European stocks today, and this is in particular because Tisan croup has lowered its profit guidance due to legal provisions now this is related to an ongoing investigation into whether it's still division colluded in price-fixing, the jabbing company now expects a just at earnings before interest in taxes of one point six billion euros. And that's

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