This backpack holds your wallet, laptop and DOG


And I'm still at the global pedic's though was super smiley. And I'm sitting inside a silver airstream with Gordy spader the founder of curb go. Hi, gordon. Hi, how are you doing? Great to have you guys in here. I five this is crazy. Make sure everyone understands an airstream. This is from the nineteen fifties or something this particular one is from nineteen sixty nine so and it's a lightweight trailer. This one happens to be twenty feet long. They call it the land yacht, and we bought it about I don't know how many years ago maybe five or eight years ago and renovated the inside of it puts a my Kia cabinets in it. And it's the kitchen has gone the, but it's really meant as a trade show booth. Only is so cute and it's silver outside. It looks like silver aluminum, it is it looks like I'm a little retro spaceship or somewhat hundred percent. It's very rich. It's very eye catching people know us for the airstream. And and they really love the cute. And the reason you have this probably is because your brand is all about pet trout. That's right. So it's camping. It goes with getting out with your dog going places with your dog. So it's really all synergies they're together. So great, and Gordon I met several years ago through Toyota smiling, and I were spokes team for Toyota's. Safe pet travel, and you had all of your harnesses, tell us a little bit about your line. Yes. So the line really starts with traveling with your dog. Like, I said and really having your dog be say so how to protect your dog, and then how to protect your car. So she covers and things like that everything has a lifetime warranty. So it's really good quality. And then we've moved from there into carriers which will talk about in a little bit and other things for being outside with your dog. So that'd be like, really awesome leashes. And collars, things you really want like a run. Yeah. You really need their gadgets and gear and suffered being out with your dog. I love it. And and you've been on my show before we've talked about Curgel, many many times, lots of pictures 'cause I use your products in my car is a matter of fact, let me just say that smiley actually was in a car accident last April, and he was harnessed up. So that helped him not be as injured as badly as thank you. Thank you. That's what we love to hear. We love to hear the story. You know, the the hardest is are not expensive. Just a matter of getting in the habit of doing it. Right. Right. And I did another one of our dog is with the university of Georgia state farm was our sponsor in one of our tips was we had a cargo product that I talked about and then the ladies the state farm, ladies, they said keep them in the backseat harnessed up there. So that's awesome. That's good to hear. Yeah. So Gordy what? Caught my eye is this cool little backpack. This is the coolest thing what does this tell? So this is the g train using it ends a backpack for human cherry around dogs that are under eighteen pounds. It's a really awesome piece. I mean, it is it's really looks awesome. It's bright red. You can see it. Maybe they're on the picture, and it is has all kinds of things for keeping your dog in here. A little way to tether, the man it also has a place to store your laptop or your whatever else you're carrying with you. And it's got awesome straps. That are all padded to put over your shoulders. You can clip the straps, and you can put them in to make it more of a bag. And then it's got on the bottom. What we call our armor soul bottom, which is super lightweight. But also keeps water out from coming in. And it keeps water from if you have a leakage issue from going out onto the other. It looks like it's it's made like a bucket for lack of a better word. So if something were to spill inside it's not going to drip out all over your so far. Yeah. And it's got it'll go on an airplane. It's small and it's like a regular backpack. So be small enough to go on an airplane underneath see MRs. Just awesome people loving it here. Now, what is the name of this is called the G train G train? Awesome. And do you have a website also where people can go and look at these things. Sure. So this is a brand new item. So not quite out yet, but curb dot com. So that's K U R GO dot com dot com and everybody knows super spy are big fans were always promoting Kirkdale. And this is cool to this like a satchel that I love the material what is this? So this is a similar this also has an armor. So by this is a career style bag. So it's like a messenger bag that you put over your shoulder, and it has a strap to do that. And also buckle in the dog. This is also bright red and. Carrier. It's a dog hair. Yeah. Yeah. So the dog goes in here has a removable liner. So you can wash that if you happen to have an accident. And it's it's just a really nice piece as well. I love your products because they are so well thought out and do I remember correctly that your brother is an engineer who helps you design the yes. So my brother is an indus- who I found the business with is an industrial designer went to the Pratt institute in Brooklyn, New York. And so he's the designer had designer of all of our products.

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