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I thought I would run through them real quick for you. Andrea Rene, sure. Best storytelling, God of war. Best competitive game. Fortnight battle rail. Best cooperative game. Monster hunter world. Best visual design, God of war. Best indie game dead cells. Best audio God of war still playing world of tanks. Best performer Brian Deckert, Connor from Detroit become human east boards game of the year. Overwatch studio of the year s I e Santa Monica best VR game says skyro- VR out of here's Kyran VR. Wow. Okay. Harsh words for major in it. Can you do you mind? Good game willing develop for VR. It was developed for PC and consoles, and then it was ported to VR. There are so many games that are specifically made for VR that they completely overlooked. Don't get me started. We just did the games cash patient dot com slash kinda

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