Migrant caravan arrives in border town Tijuana


Is also sanctioning Republican Mark meadows of North Carolina for failing to take decisive action to deal with complaints of a key. Aide. Kellyanne Conway's husband is edit again, Tom Roberts, explains Conway is a senior White House adviser and her husband, George is a veteran Republican who is very critical of President Trump on the who program skulduggery, George Conway mixed in colorful, expletive while calling the Whitehouse dumpster fire. President Trump was recently asked about Conway's criticisms and said reporters should ask Kellyanne Conway. About it. He also referred to George Conway. As Mr. Kellyanne Conway, Tom Roberts, NBC News Radio. A grandma and Maryland is celebrating her. I try to lottery game with a huge jackpot, the seventy seven year old Aberdeen woman. One more than ten thousand dollars after playing the tracks virtual horse racing game for the first time. She said she normally only sticks to scratch offs. But this time she felt the urge to play the horse racing game. The lucky grandma plans to use her winnings to pay off bills and by holiday presents for her family. John Jeffreys NBC News Radio talking locally

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