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A rematch of last year's AFC championship game between the patriots and the Jaguars. But this one with a hair more fireworks last year, Jacksonville, almost upset the pets before Tom Brady lit it up this here. Jalen Ramsey spent his off season criticizing players. He deemed overrated. He mentioned grunk. Interesting. Also, interesting. Jalen Ramsey seems confident heading into this week's matchup. Listen to this. Defensive coordinator. If someone says rob gronkowski is overrated, what would you say to that person? Said, he's crazy. Might be crazy. I don't care. Call him about staffer. You're, you're, you're, you're saying, you think good good now, get it supposed to eat good. But like you say, this to me is supposed to bring fear. I, I fear, no man period is good. His face all year. They got an incredible rush. Great, linebackers, great secondary. It's going to be very, very challenging, tough environment. We'll see what made up. He doesn't care any man, Chris, Kenny Noman even though it's quite a little bit of different tune than he was singing in the off season when he talked about gronk. All right, who's got the edge in this rematch the pats offense or this Jaguars defense? Can he says the pets offense just because we know what they are, the patriots gonna score points. That's just what it is. It's going to be somewhere between twenty one and twenty eight points. I think the average twenty eight point Sogame last year you saw what they did this year opening game against Texas, so we know what the patriots are. So I think this is going to be up to the Jaguars offense to be able to match points so defensively, I know that the Jaguars they're going to try to take away rob gronkowski. You saw at AFC title game. You only had one catch before you got knocked out with that concussion. But I mean they're going to have a plan to deal with rob gronkowski. It's about the other guys in Tom Brady always finds a way because that's just what he and Bill Bill to check do. But looking at the Jacksonville Jaguars, they're gonna have to find a way to be able to move the football. You saw it in that giant's game after mid. Ways that second quarter we're Linda four net got knocked out. They struggled to move the football. They had one scoring drive where they got the ball at midfield, but other than that, they weren't able to move the ball only four first downs after that drive. So I mean, that's a struggle for this Jaguars team offensively than four nets banged up. I think TJ Yeldan is a service of running back, but he's not the difference maker that four net is for that offense. So I'm going to say that the patriots have the advantage in this matchup because I don't know that the Jags offense is going to be able to match points with Tom Brady. Yeah, pats offense definitely do have the advantage, New England. They don't listen to any of the interviews that other teams do. But what I've seen through the years, especially from any defensive back that makes any type of comment about New England if they were cheating, anything that they say that might be shot at New England in the game plan. During the game. Bill Bill check will either run at that person with big Lyman are someone like gronk or they run the double move our account. Move a trick play look Bill to take advantage and make somebody look real real bad. So I expect them Jalen is going to guard gras. I expect in some of those situations. They're going to get gronk the football, but also I would spec them to run at grunk so could blonde Jalen and that's not something you don't have to be afraid, but that's something that Jalen does not want to see. He doesn't have the. I discipline was I disciplined how they see the ball, how they see elephants is in Jalen used to being outside, and he's not used to having the action in front of him, but linebacker. See, that's why when Bart Scott was here, he was talking about if you try to travel with grunk, Bella check will do some things that take advantage of thing that you're not used to seeing so huge advantage to pats offense going against a very good Jags d, Chris, to your point about if you chirp during the week, they might have a special play for you in the game plan famously I'll just go back a decade because happened to a buddy of mine. Anthony Smith.

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